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Accounting Software
Yes I Can Run My Business™

Yes! I Can Run My Business™ is a fully customizable, business accounting software package for Microsoft Access. It includes all source code. Modify anything in the software to suit your own company needs!

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Daily Quotes and Tips Dialog Box

Includes over 400 quotes from famous people. This dialog box pops up at the start of your application and displays two daily quotes or application tips.

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Fun with Frames and Borders

Create interesting frames and borders on your MS Access Forms.  This database demonstrates how to create 8 professional looking borders. With in minutes, you too can be creating stylish frames and borders on forms in you application.

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Make Valid Date Function

Have you ever forgotten how may days are in a month?  If you or a user incorrectly enters a date, MS Access displays an unfriendly, unhelpful error message.  The Make Valid Date function will correct your mistake before MS Access even knows you've typed it in. 

Example: If a user types in the invalid date of  4/31/98, the Make Valid Date function automatically changes it to the valid date of  4/30/98.

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Open File Dialog Box

This tools shows you how to use the MS Open dialog box from within your application.  The actual code is provide for you to copy into your applications.

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Popup Calendar Dialog Box

Help users easily enter in a date into any date field.  When the user selects a desired date from this popup calendar, the date is copied to a date field that the developer has specified.  This calendar has been made to look and act similar to the Win98 Date Properties dialog box.

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Sort List by Column Heading Dialog Box

This dialog box is a pre-made form that creates lists and sorts those lists any way you want.   The user can quickly sort the list by clicking the header.

If the user clicks on the header at the top of the list, the list is sorted alphabetically, another click and the list is sorted reverse alphabetically.  All columns work the same way.

When the user finds the record they desire, the user may click an open button that opens another form of detailed information.  Use this dialog box to help users quickly pull up information about a contact or account.

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