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Avoid #Error in Reports

How do I avoid #Error in my reports? I want to use Sum([InvoiceAmt]). InvoiceAmt is a number field. However, in some cases there is no data and the Sum function does not work. The report prints a #Error and the total is "#Error". How can I get around this?
Customize Not In List error message

My users get a generic error when they type something in a combo box control that is not in the list. I still want to force them to select a choice from the list, but how do I customize this error message to make it more friendly?


Programmatically add items to a combo box list

How do I programmatically add an item to a combo box that wasn't originally in the list? When my users type in a value that is not in my combo box list, they get an error. Instead, I want a message to ask the user if they want their desired item added to the list. How do I do this?
Programmatically Hide Controls

Why do I get an error when I try and hide a control? The error is "You can't hide the control that has the focus" I found a work around by setting the height and width of the control to 0, but is there a better way?
Steps to MS Access Security

How do I use the Security Wizard? What does it do and are there any other steps I need to take to completely secure my database?

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