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Ever Feel like you are holding up your whole organization?

Microsoft Access tutorial, add-ins and development tools help you become more productive. Browse through the MS Access Tools or learn from our Free On-line tutorials.

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Business! Professional Accounting Software

Business! Professional™ is a fully customizable, business accounting software package for Microsoft Access. It includes all source code. Modify anything in the software to suit your own company's needs! Many companies upgrade to Yes! I Can Run My Business™ from PeachTree or Quicken.  Find Out More

Pop-Up Calendar Dialog Box $15.00

This add-in can be quickly imported into your applications. The pop-up calendar makes it easy for your users to select dates.  Instead of manually typing in a date, your users can quickly select a date from this pop-up calendar control.  All the source code is included.  This tool is built in MS Access and does not require any OCX files or active-x controls. Click to see more

+Open Source Code
+Royalty Free

Business! Professionalhad been developed over the last 9 years with thousands of companies using it.  Business! Professional performs wonderfully on a network with multiple users. All the data is central in one backend database, so it's easy to back up your data by backing up one file. 

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